Intoducing Huggable Henry Knit Bear

Last Summer, I was recovering from losing my beloved dog, Sam.  As always, I turned to my knitting.  I decided to design and knit a 5 inch bear.  These are the original knit bears.

I decided that Henry had a message to share so I came up with
 "Hug me tight, everything will be alright."

Over the course of the winter, I developed a children's story that tells the story of the people that Henry meets and offers a Hug so that they will feel alright.  Before long, I began my search for an illustrator and discovered Rebecca Tierney.  Her artwork brought Henry's story to life.

My next step was to find a self publishing company that I wanted to work with.  After much research, I found one that I believe is the right fit for my project.

So the next step is to raise the funds to have Henry's story and the knitting pattern published.  The knitting pattern will be at the end of the paperback story book.  I hope it will become a favorite of both children and adults.

Here's the cover of the book.  Along with the link to my Kickstarter campaign.  

Huggable Henry (c) Debbie Trainor 2016

I'd love to hear from you and hope that you'll love this project and support the publication.

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