Wishing All a Happy Mothers Day with a Free Knit Dress Dishcloth Pattern

Happy Mother's Day.  To celebrate, I wanted to share this Dress Dishcloth pattern with you.  I originally published this in the Spring of 2014 as a fund raiser for Chicks and Ducks for Heifer International.

Size 7 U.S. Knitting Needles (4.5 mm)
Crochet Hook U.S. Size G6/4.00 mm
1 Skein Worsted Weight Cotton in Main Color (A)
 Sample used Sugar and Cream Soft Violet #00093 and Country Yellow #01612
Small Amount of coordinating solid Color (B)

 Cast on 34 stitches

Using Main Color (A) Knit one row

Row 1-(A) Knit
Row 2-(A) Purl
Row 3-(B) K1, *YO, k2tog, k2* Repeat ** ending last repeat
 with k3
Row 4-(B) Knit
Row 5-(A) Knit
Row 6-(A) Purl
Row 7-(B) K3, *YO, k2tog, k2* Repeat ** ending last repeat
 with k1
Row 8-(B) Knit
Row 9-(A) Knit
Row 10-(A) Purl
Row 11-(B) K1, *YO, k2tog, k2* Repeat ** ending last repeat with k3
Row 12-(B) Knit

Change to Color (A) work in stockinette stitch starting with a knit row and knitting first and last stich on purl rows until piece measures 4 inches from cast on edge
Waist- change to color (B) for waistband

Row 1-K1, SSK 8 times, K2tog 8 times, K1 (18 stitches remain)
Row 2-Knit across
Row 3-K1, SSK 4 times, K2tog 4 times, K1 (10 stitches remain)
Row 4-Knit across

Change to (A) main color for Bodice

Row 1- K3, M1, K4, M1,K3
Row 2- k1, p10, k1
Row 3- k3, m1, k6, m1, k3
Row 4- k1, p12, k1
Row 5- knit across
Row 6- k1, p12, k1
Row 7- knit across
Row 8- k1, p12, k1
Neckline & Shoulders

Row 1- k4, cast off center 6, k3

Work on 4 stitches on one side

Row 1-K1, p3
Row 2-Knit
Row 3K1, p3
Bind off 4 stitches

Reattach solid yarn to other side at center of neckline (WS) facing

Row 1-P3, k1
Row 2-Knit
Row 3-P3, k1

Bind off leaving last loop to begin crochet chain and neckline trim
Starting with the loop from bind off – chain 12 and attach to the other side of neckline

Slip Stitch crochet around neck opening, slip stitch crochet in each chain for hanger and Fasten Off

Weave in ends

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