Saturday, December 3, 2016

Knit Stitch Pattern Saturday

I returned to  Reversible Knitting Stitches by Moira and Anna Ravenscroft this week and selected the Embossed Moss Stitch Rib pattern.  I really enjoyed knitting this swatch.  It's a simple 12 stitch repeat and only 2 rows so it's easy to memorize.  I cast on 30 stitches for this piece and knit about 2 1/2 inches in a short period of time.

This is the third stitch pattern from this book.  I knit the Carmarthen Ridge Stitch and Double Twill patterns and will be using both of those stitch patterns in upcoming designs.

This stitch is ideal for a scarf or cowl.  I have 400 yards of Berroco Peruvia Quick Wool that will knit up beautifully using this pattern.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Joy of Knitting Garter Stitch

On Thanksgiving night with the planning, shopping, preparing, serving, enjoying, and cleaning up done, I need to knit.  I need to knit to relax, unwind, and reflect on the holiday and the time with my family.  Time to think about the family and friends that couldn't be with me today.  I don't want to knit any of the many projects that are already on the needles.  I don't want to follow a pattern, count stitches or keep track of what row I'm knitting.

All I really want is to have my hands move in that rhythmic, familiar way and relish the warmth and softness of a bulky yarn.  I want to work with a color that brings my joy and peace.  I go to my abundant stash and select 2 skeins of Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in a colorway called Hudson Bay.  My U.S. Size 15 Rosewood needles are ideal for this project and feel comfortable in my hands.  The gauge is 9 stitches to 4 inches on Size 13 needles so I cast on 19 stitches.  On my Size 15 needles that will make the scarf about 9 inches wide.

Then I begin to knit.  Stitch after stitch.  Row after row.  I feel the calming effect come over me.  In a short while, I have a scarf that is about 2 feet long and I'm getting sleepy.  Off for a good night's rest.

Black Friday is always fun.  I don't really need anything but off to the store I go.  Too many possibilities to count.  Leftovers for dinner and back to my garter stitch scarf.  I'm still not ready to return to my projects that require me to pay attention to what I'm creating.  While I knit, I keep a paper and pen close by and write down all the ideas for knitting projects that whirl through my head.

The scarf is almost done.  I've recovered from the holiday weekend.  When this scarf is done, I'll put it with my other finished items so that when I find the ideal recipient, it will be ready to gift.  However, the real joy for me is in the process.  The finished scarf is just a benefit.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Knit Favors for a Baby Shower

Favors for any Party are always fun to create.  I wanted these to be a representation of my style and of course, my love for all things that are knit.  These heart shaped washcloths seemed ideal for a baby shower.  Since we know that the baby is a girl, I chose to knit these in a hot pink and a pale pink.  The pattern is a variation of Grandma's Favorite washcloth pattern and is on Ravelry as a free pattern here.

To dress them up, I went to the craft store in search of something to decorate the washcloths.  I found these lovely heart shaped charms and tied them to the center of the washcloth with a white bow.

Each washcloth took about 2 hours to knit so I was able to finish them quickly.  I used Lily Sugar n Cream cotton yarn and Size 9 knitting needles.  The finished cloth measures 8 1/2 inches wide and 7 inches high from the lower point to the highest point.  The bow can easily be untied and the washcloth used by the recipient.

I am really pleased with this project.  It was inspired by the bridal shower favors that were knit using the dress dishcloth pattern that I wrote about on my blog on June 2, 2016.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Knit Stitch Pattern Saturday

This week's stitch pattern is from the website called Blocks 2.  It is a simple combination of stockinette and reverse garter stitch and I really enjoyed knitting it.

  I used U.S. size 7 knitting needles and worsted weight cotton yarn.  The pattern is a multiple of 10 stitches plus 3 so for my swatch, I cast on 23 stitches.  I repeated the 12 row pattern 2-3/4 times.

Rather than use this as an overall pattern, I think I'd like to use this as a single block with various other stitch blocks surrounding it.  I think it will knit up as a nice pillow or blanket and possibly a nicely textured spa cloth.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Yarn Shop Visit in Pittsburgh

I visited Pittsburgh, Pa for the first time last week.  It really is a beautiful city and the colors of Fall were outstanding.
My hosts recently moved there and were excited to share the sights in the their new town.  They know me so well and had already found a Yarn store for me.  We went to Knit One where I was greeted by the owner and surrounded by a wonderful selection of yarn along with samples of knitted items.  The store is really quite large and has a comfy area to sit and knit or wait for the knitter that you've accompanied to the shop.

I'm always amazed when I visit a shop in a new place by the items that are on display.  I was even more amazed when the owner, Laura, told me that the pattern was on Ravelry.  I've been on Ravelry since the beginning and I continue to find patterns that I didn't know were available.  The sample that caught my attention was Bandana by Helene Rush.

 I instantly knew this scarf would be my memory project for my first trip to Pittsburgh.  I purchased Knit One crochet too Covet in Serpentine and Ivory.  This yarn is super soft 100% baby alpaca. There'll be wonderful memories in every stitch.

I also purchase this Queensland Sunshine Coast in a color called Capricorn Coast.

The color is so alive and bright.  I have 580 yards and no idea what I'll be knitting with this lovely yarn.  I may just admire it for awhile and design something new to share with you.

While in Pittsburgh, I also visited the Frick Museum and really enjoyed seeing the collection.  My favorite was the Monet titled Bords de la Seine a Lavacourt.  A beautiful combination of my favorite blues, green, and yellows.

The views from the Mount Washington area were spectacular too.  Here's one of my favorites.

While I was there, I sat with my new yarn and admired both my yarn and the view.
I find so much inspiration in my travels and visits to Yarn stores away from home.  Here's the link to my visit to a shop in Dubuque and one to my visit to a shop while traveling in Italy.   So where have you traveled and bought special yarn for a memory project?
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